Why Are Almost All Living Things Dependent on Solar Energy?

You might be wondering, why are almost all living things dependent on solar energy? It’s a common question. You see, most organisms, barring a few exceptions, need to eat something in order to stay alive. If there’s no food available, then they’ll eventually perish. Luckily for us, the Sun is always shining bright and hot, which provide us with the energy we need to eat and live healthy lives. All living things are therefore, dependent on solar energy. It is the simplest and most fundamental of all food groups.

Organisms Are Limited In Number

An organism’s environment has a massive impact on how it functions and how it develops. Organisms are limited in number because there’s only so much space available for them to live in. If they’re unable to find food or shelter in the places where they belong, then they’ll eventually have to move to a different location. In some cases, they’ll have to move interstate or overseas if they can’t find a suitable environment. Organisms are not meant to be isolated from one another. They’re meant to live in groups and interact with one another so they can ensure the survival of the group as a whole. If any one individual in the group disappears, or finds a way to remain independent of the rest, then the chances of the group’s survival plummet. When this happens, they either have to find a new member to join the group, or they simply cease to exist as we know it.

Sufficient Food For All

Speaking of food sources, plants produce seeds, which are essentially little food packages containing all the nutrition an organism needs to grow and thrive. These seeds can then be consumed by various organisms, small or large, plant or animal. It’s a great source of food for any animal, regardless of its size. Whether you’re a mouse or a whale, you’ll always have something to eat. It doesn’t matter how big or how small you are, you’ll always be able to find something to keep you healthy and alive. There’s plenty to go around for everyone, and it will stay that way as long as we keep producing and planting seeds.


Sustainability is pretty much self-explanatory; it simply means that something can be maintained over time. For instance, humans have maintained woodlands and forested areas for centuries by regularly cutting down trees to make room for more. However, when you reach a certain point, the ecosystem can no longer sustain itself. Once the resources are depleted, the area becomes uninhabitable and you’ll eventually have to move to a different location or region. This is why we need to be careful when cutting down trees; we need to ensure that there are still sufficient resources available to sustain all living things. Otherwise, we’re simply causing our own self-destruction. In some cases, reforestation is required so that the area can once again become habitable.

Climate Change

Climate change is another term for extreme weather. The general consensus among scientists is that the temperature of the Earth is on the rise, and it’s been steadily climbing since the start of the Industrial Revolution. While there are many proposed reasons for this, one of the main causes is that we’ve been cutting down rainforests, which serves as a natural carbon sink. When a tree is chopped down, it no longer provides a home for various insects and animals, which then leads to a decrease in their population. When the population drops, so does the amount of pollination, which then has an effect on the food source. Plants can’t thrive in extreme temperatures, so they find ways to protect themselves, which can either be through natural means, such as wind-breaking branches, or through human intervention, such as building protective windbreaks or planting native plants that attract native insects and birds. There are many reasons why climate change is becoming such a large issue, but at the end of the day, we’re simply causing ourselves to become extinct. We’ll either need to find another home, or work hard to make this one a viable option. We cannot keep cutting down trees and putting ourselves in this situation. It’s not sustainable, and it certainly isn’t ethical.

Solar energy is the simplest and most fundamental of all foods; without it, we wouldn’t be here. Plants provide us with the necessary resources to sustain our existence. While trees are not chopped down solely for the purpose of providing energy, it is an added benefit. If we keep eating and planting seeds, then we’ll continue to be provided with the abundant food sources we need to stay healthy and alive. Climate change is a huge problem, and it’s slowly getting worse every year. We have to find a way to reverse this trend, or at least stabilize it. Otherwise, we’re essentially doomed.

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