Which City Has the Greatest Solar Energy Potential?

For those wanting to become more self-sufficient or wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, solar power is a viable option. There are a number of cities that are prime for solar development, and with the right design and application, anyone can reap the benefits of solar power.

In this article, we will run down the top three cities that show the greatest potential for solar energy development. Keep reading for more information on each city.

Sunny Florida

If you’re looking to develop a solar energy system in Florida, you’ve certainly come to the right place. The sunshine state is prime real estate for solar energy development, with some of the most perfect solar days in the entire country taking place there. While it might be cold and wet most of the year in other parts of the country, in Florida, it’s always bright and dry. That makes solar energy an attractive prospect for homeowners looking for ways to generate their own power. If you live in Florida and want to know more about the state’s solar energy potential, continue reading.


If you seek a sunnier climate, you couldn’t pick a better place than California. West of the Rocky Mountains lies the vast majority of the country, and although winters are cold, they’re not usually as harsh as in other parts of the country. Even more appealing is the plentiful sunny days. Between November and April, days in southern California are numbered; however, thanks to the region’s excellent climate, not all sunshine is wasted. Plenty of it is stored inside our planet, and it provides an ample source of energy for those who know how to harness it.

The only downside to California is its notorious cost of living. While wages are high across the state, so is the cost of living, especially in big cities. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, California is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. However, if you’re looking for high-paying jobs, plenty await you in larger cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you choose to locate in one of these places, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something but a high-paying job, and the benefits of solar energy are substantial. With sunny skies and high demand for labor, California is an excellent place to be if you’re a solar power enthusiast.


We mentioned Florida earlier, but Texas also deserves a shout out. The Lone Star State is another place that is rich with sunshine and has a strong appetite for industry. If you’re a solar enthusiast who is considering Texas as a future home, you’re in for a treat. Not only does the state offer a warm welcome, it also has endless possibilities when it comes to solar energy. As you might imagine, the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas is particularly well-suited to solar development, with sunny, hot days and cool, crisp nights. What’s not to like?

One important caveat about living in Texas is the state’s extreme temperatures. It can be blistering hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. Thanks to its southern location, the state is prone to severe windstorms that can knock down all kinds of trees and power lines. If you decide to go ahead with a solar energy system in Texas, bear in mind that you’ll need to do a lot of prep work before you can start generating your own electricity.

In Conclusion

Above we’ve discussed three cities that have the greatest solar energy potential. If you’re interested in learning more, or want to do your part to combat climate change and be more energy-independent, you have many options. You could move to one of the cities mentioned above, you could participate in a community solar project, or you could set up a small solar system on your own roof. The choice is yours.

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