What Are 10 Advantages of Solar Energy?

The number of people fighting climate change and embracing a sustainable way of living keeps growing. More and more people are looking for environmentally friendly ways to generate their power, and what better solution is there than solar energy? If you’re considering going green then the following are ten advantages of solar energy that you should know about.

It Has Decentives

When compared to other energy sources, such as wind or hydroelectric power, solar electricity has a number of advantages. Probably the most significant one is that it has decentives. Decentives are the extra portions of a solar panel that you need to have around to make sure that it generates the correct amount of electricity. The average cost of decentives for a standard residential solar installation is around $15-$20 a month, plus electricity charges.

Although it’s not much, it’s still cheaper than buying extra electricity on the open market. You’ll also be surprised at how quickly you’re able to pay off the initial investment cost of a solar system. For more information, visit this helpful website. Also, be sure to check out this blog post by Green Bits, where they discuss different types of decentives and their prices.


To really put the “green” in “green energy,” you need to look into systems that are resilient to extreme weather conditions. While the reliability of wind and solar power is highly dependant on the weather, this is not the case with solar energy. This is mainly because the panels can be taken off and put back on as needed, without causing damage.

Although this is a fairly rare occurrence, it does happen. Consider the impact that a microburst [cyclone or tornado] could have on a solar energy system. The force of wind against the structure of the building and the intense pressure from the storm could lead to structural damage or malfunction of the equipment. For this reason, it’s essential that you make sure that your solar panels are secured against extreme winds and weather conditions. Additionally, having a few back-ups in case of a panel malfunction is also advisable.


In some cases, noise is not a problem for solar panels. This is mainly because most people don’t live near large roads or power lines, which can interfere with the flow of electricity. For this reason, among others, noise is not a problem for solar energy. However, if you’re living in an area where lots of airplanes fly over during takeoff and landing, you might want to consider using noise cancelling headphones when listening to music generated by your solar-powered devices.


When it comes to getting energy from the sun, efficiency is everything. You want to make sure that every part of the system is as efficient as possible, so that you’re not wasting any energy. In most cases, solar panels generate more energy than is needed, so they need to be maintained and serviced by a professional. Even then, you’re still wasting energy because there’s always some amount of resistance when current is passed through the wires. This is why it’s recommended to use timers instead of leaving everything on all the time, which can cause serious overheating issues.

To increase the efficiency of your solar energy device, you need to make sure that the installation is calibrated correctly. The optimal sunlight exposure for an efficient solar panel is between 9 and 11 hours per day, depending on the region. During this time, the sun rays hit the panel perpendicular, without any obstructions between the Sun and the panel. For this reason, early and late morning or early and late afternoon hours are the best times to generate power. This is why it’s important to check the ambient light levels and the position of the Sun before deciding on what time of day you’ll be able to generate the most electricity.

Fresh Air

While it’s not always the case, air that is fresh and clean is greatly beneficial for human health. Whenever possible, you want to make sure that the air that you’re breathing is clean. This is why it’s a good idea to have a ventilation system in place, which will help bring in fresh air from outside. Installing a large number of air fresheners throughout the home can also help improve the air quality. Of course, make sure that these are eco-friendly, and don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Freedom From Pollution

If you’re an eco-friendly individual who values your health and well-being, then you no doubt want to reduce your environmental footprint. One way of doing this is by switching to renewable energy sources, like the sun. Going green doesn’t have to be expensive, and you’ll soon find that it’s cost-effective and good for the environment.

The key is to reduce your personal impact on the environment as much as possible, and when you do buy green energy devices, you’re directly reducing the amount of pollution being emitted by industry.


If you’re planning on using solar energy for the majority of the energy needs in your home, then you’ll obviously need to spend a lot of time maintaining it. To start with, you’ll need to clean the panels regularly with a brush and mild detergents. This will help increase their lifespan and keep them looking brand new.

Additionally, every year you’ll need to re-calibrate them, so they continue generating the correct amount of energy. If you’re not technologically savvy, then this can be a real pain, as you’ll have to call an expert to come and do it for you. This is a time-consuming and expensive process that most people would rather skip. If you do do it yourself then you’ll need to make sure that you do it correctly, or else you’ll have unexpected [and potentially dangerous] results.


If you’re planning on taking your solar energy device with you when you go on vacation, then you’ll need to make sure that it’s either portable or easy to transport. You can’t always rely on the hotel staff to provide you with electricity, so you’ll need to bring your own supply. The best option is to take a portable generator, which you can connect directly to the solar power system. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding a place to plug-in, and you can get the electricity you need, whenever you need it.


Last but not least, we have the cost-factor. When you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to generate your power, then you’ll undoubtedly be looking for ways to make it more affordable. In many cases, the cost of opting for a solar energy system is less than the cost of maintaining a traditional energy source. If you’re looking for an affordable and sustainable way to generate your power then solar energy is worth considering.

Of course, this all depends on what type of system you choose and where you live. If you live in an area with high energy costs and little sunlight, then other forms of energy might be a better option. As mentioned by the Sustainable Energy Education Trust (SEET), “[a solar energy system] is one of the most cost-effective [energy saving] options available. In fact, in some cases, it can even be cost-saving when compared to other [renewable energy options].” 

The above advantages of solar energy show why going green is the best option. Not only does it save money on your energy bills, but it also reduces your carbon footprint. The best thing is that it’s always with you, so you don’t have to worry about running out of electricity when you need it. What’s not to love?

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