Solar Panels Information Energy Efficiency

Solar Panels Information Energy Efficiency

You are traveling through Italy and stop at a gorgeous lake. There is a small wooden dock and a rowboat. You get out of the car, stretch your legs, and notice something is amiss. The sun is directly above you and the bright light is causing your eyes to water. You wipe away the tears and try to go about your business. Yet, there is a nagging sense of unease in the pit of your stomach. You return to the dock a few hours later and find it has been vandalized. Another boat was tied up alongside and it seems a struggle took place. The dock is in disrepair and a broken bottle lies on the ground.

You inspect the area and notice several cigarette butts floating in the lake. You look up to find the piercing blue sky and notice a silhouette of a man. You witness a murder and find yourself in a standoff with the authorities. You fire a warning shot and the tension dissipates. Your heart is in your mouth and you are horrified at what you saw. The reason for the gun is because of the high cost of vandalism in Italian lakes. You are charged with aggravated assault and the criminal courts decide that you are a dangerous offender whose licensing should be revoked. Your car is impounded and you are now stranded with no money and nowhere to stay. A search team comes across your travel journal and follow the detailed map in it to find your location. They inform you that you are being sued for millions and that you need a legal team to defend you. Your wallet has been stolen and your passport is back in your hands. The embassy grants you political asylee status and you decide to start a new life in Germany. You study law and work for a distinguished lawyer. He often takes on criminal defense cases and becomes renowned for his success rate. He becomes a mentor and advises you to be smart with your money. You live a carefree life until your old friend, Marco, from Italy, travels to Germany. He is the son of your lawyer and has a business offer that would allow you to return home with plenty of money. In a fit of jealousy, Marco hires someone to kill you. He buries you with a concrete slab and plants a sunflower in your honor. Your family and friends attend your funeral and a photograph of you is placed on top of the slab. You see the error of your ways and confess your sins to a priest. You now rest in peace and the sun shines on your grave as you lay in an urn filled with flowers.

This story might sound like something out of a film but it is based on a true incident that occurred in Germany. In this case, the defendant was cleared of all charges and won a lawsuit filed against him by the plaintiff. In many ways, this was a triumph over justice because the defendant won his day in court. However, the damage he inflicted was far more costly than the amount of the settlement. This type of situation evokes the saying: ‘Better to have your heart broken than to have to mend it later’. The moral of this story is that you should protect your assets and do not squander your money on frivolous things.

Paying for Quality Lighting

You own an art gallery and decide to give a solo exhibition to a well-known modern artist. You do not sell any pieces but it is a great exhibition that brings in a lot of visitors. The lighting inside the gallery is of great quality and allows the spectators to see the artwork clearly. You decide that this type of lighting is not practical for everyday use and order 50 LED light bulbs from a reputable supplier. What is interesting is that these lights are not cheap. They are five times more expensive than traditional fluorescents. You compare the quality and feel confident the investment is worth it. The lights perform perfectly and the artwork looks better than ever. You display the piece on social media and get positive feedback. The next day, your phone rings and you learn the CEO of the company you purchased the lights from has filed for bankruptcy. The company is now insolvent. The supplier went out of business too. Luckily, the art gallery owner purchased some of the stock in the company and the rest was acquired by a large investor. You are very angry that you lost money on this investment but you know that quality does not come without a price. Your phone keeps ringing but you do not have time to take calls because you are busy setting up for the party that evening.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

It is now September and the sun is beaming in your back garden. You hear a noise coming from the garage and realize that one of your neighbors has arrived to work on their car. You yell up and ask if they need any help. He replies that all they need is a jack to remove the car’s front end. You get the jack, climb up the ladder, and find that the car is a hybrid model. You feel good about your eco-friendly actions and decide to switch off the light above the garage. You look around and notice that the house has turned into a greenhouse because you do not have curtains on the windows. You see a coffee table book on interior design and spot a passage about keeping lamps from being destroyed by rodents. You flip through the pages and see a picture of a chandelier with many cats surrounding it. You laugh out loud because the chandelier is the pride and joy of your kitchen and you saved it for years from mice and other vermin. You read an article about energy-saving bulbs and decide to replace all of the lamps in the house with LED bulbs. You buy several lamps at a garage sale and replace them with LEDs in every room except the kitchen and bathroom. It is now much darker but still lit because of the moonlight that filters through the foliage. You check the settings on the lamps and notice how bright they are. You decide to sell the majority of your stock in the company that makes the fluorescent lights you replaced because you want to try out this new energy-saving technology. You contact the manufacturer and tell them you will be replacing your current bulbs with their environmentally-friendly alternatives and will pay a cash reward for every single bulb they sell you.

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