Solar Energy Non-Profits in Malaysia – Can It Be Done?

I was recently in Malaysia, and it was amazing to see so much progress being made in the area of alternative energies. From installing solar panels on building exteriors and providing homes with electricity, to setting up mini-hydro plants and investing in wind farms, it seems the country is determined to reduce their climate change impact and rely less on imported fossil fuels.

The Status Of Alternative Energy Development In Malaysia Currently

The first thing that hit me when I arrived in Malaysia was the sunny weather. The second thing that hit me was the fact that I could not find a single power outlet that was not powered by electricity. Even at Starbucks, which is usually a reliable source of news and information about the power sector, I could not find out how they were getting their electricity.

I quickly learned that a lot of preparation goes into truly sustainable energy development, and Malaysia is making an effort to implement renewable energies to provide energy for their homes and businesses.

Why Are People In Malaysia Choosing To Go Solar?

I asked a lot of people about why they chose solar energy and whether or not they thought enough people had considered going solar before. The majority of those I spoke to said that they chose to go solar because it was the right thing to do and that they were passionate about reducing their carbon footprint. Some also told me they did not want to wait for the government to provide support for alternative energy development before they started investing in solar and wind energy. Finally, a lot of people I spoke to said they had heard about the amazing things that solar energy can do and that it was about time that Malaysia invested in renewable energies.

The Importance Of Installing Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

It is well-known that Malaysia is the fourth largest country in terms of area, and much of the coastline is on a tropical climate. This means that the country is naturally rich in solar resources. In fact, it has been estimated that there are over a billion solar-powered devices in use around the world, with the vast majority being used in Asia. For homeowners in Malaysia who want to generate their own electricity, installing roof-mounted solar panels is the obvious and most practical solution.

Many Malaysians see the installation of rooftop solar panels not only as a way to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels, but it also provides a source of income that they can generate and sell electricity to other homes and businesses. Since electricity is considered a luxury by most Malaysians, those who can afford it buy themselves a generator so that they can use the electricity whenever they want. Those who cannot afford a generator are forced to buy it from electricity retailers who collect their electricity on a regular basis.

Key Facts About The Solar Industry In Malaysia

There are various key facts you need to know about the solar industry in Malaysia. First, the country has plenty of sunshine, which means it produces a lot of solar energy. Second, there is already a lot of experience in the field, and many solar-powered devices already exist in Malaysia. Third, solar energy is considered a luxury by most Malaysians, and they have money to spend on it. Fourth, it is easier to install solar panels in Malaysia if you are already living in an area with abundant sunshine. Finally, there is great need for more solar panel installations in Malaysia due to the high cost of electricity and the growing scarcity of fossil fuels. Together, these facts make Malaysia an incredible country to invest in renewable energies.

Where Can I Invest In Renewable Energy?

Even if you are an expatriate living in Malaysia, you can still invest in renewable energies. The key is to find an appropriate legal entity to invest in. The best option is a dedicated company that focuses on renewable energies and has an agreement with a Malaysian utility company to purchase electricity at a fixed price that is subsidized by the government. For example, Envera Energy is a company that can provide just such an opportunity, having a 50/50 joint venture with Malaysia’s utility company, Tenaga Nasional, for the provision of decentralized, renewable energy solutions.

The Opportunity For Those Who Want To Play An Active Role In Developing Their Own Country

Many people who heard of my travels in Malaysia were interested in becoming actively involved in the country’s progress towards sustainability. Some of them offered to help and said they were interested in exploring the potential of being a financial or an operational partner in the project. One of the reasons why people want to get involved is because they believe it will allow them to make a real difference and have an impact on the community around them. Finally, those who want to get involved want to see Malaysia develop into a model country for sustainability and see the people of Malaysia live a better and more dignified life.

Those who want to travel and work in Malaysia should refer to the country’s superb new government agency, My Malaysia, which was launched in April this year to promote tourism and investment in the country. The agency will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the sustainable energy sector, from public relations and marketing to legislation and regulation. Malaysia is a fantastic place to invest, and I would encourage any expatriates who are thinking about making an investment to refer to My Malaysia for the latest opportunities.

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