Solar Energy Job Search in China: The Key to Getting a Job in the Industry

The global energy market was valued at US$16 trillion in 2018. This number is expected to rise to a staggering $26 trillion by 2026.

It is well known that the cost of renewable energy has dropped by 80% in the last five years. This has resulted in a massive increase in development and deployment of various renewable energy technologies across the globe. China, in particular, has led the way in this transition. Over the last five years, the country has experienced an energy boom, with new power plant and pipeline projects being delivered on a continual basis.

Renewable energy is now an essential part of China’s energy mix. This is expected to continue as the government promotes green technology and seeks to reduce its heavy dependence on coal and fossil fuels. As the demand for clean electricity grows, the opportunity for individuals looking to enter the solar industry in China becomes more attractive.

Which City Should I Base My Search On?

When looking for a new city to establish residency, job, or trade in, it’s imperative to do your research first.

In the industry, there’s a lot of competition, and the cities where there is the greatest demand seems to be the most competitive as well. This is also true for solar energy jobs and opportunities in China.

To establish residency or a job in solar in China, you’ll want to look at the major city when establishing your search parameters. When choosing a city for your relocation, you should look for those within easy reach by air. This ensures that you can quickly travel to the city if needed. Another important factor is the cost of living. The lower the living cost, the more affordable it will be to live in that city. A good rule of thumb would be to search for the city with the lowest energy cost.

However, there are various other factors to consider when choosing where to establish your business or research institute. All in all, there’s a lot to take into account when selecting the perfect location for your needs.

How Do I Land My First Job In The Industry?

If you’re looking to enter the industry, it’s important to know how to land your first job. This will give you a better understanding of the overall scheme of things and what to expect. In this section, we’ll discuss ways to get your foot in the door, so to speak.

As a fresh graduate, you’ll likely encounter many challenges. With so much competition and limited job opportunities, securing your first job could be quite the task. To give you a better understanding of what to expect, let’s take a quick look at how to land your first job in the solar industry in China.

Start A Blog

Yes, you read that right. It’s not what you think. A blog is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. When entrepreneurs and online marketers started using blogs to establish their authority and gain credibility, the phrase “blogger” became just as popular as “journalist” and “author” when referencing a professional in the field of news and media. A successful blog in today’s marketplace can effortlessly draw in the required traffic to successfully complete a web search, attract customers, gain credibility, and ultimately, earn you a living.

Blogs are fairly inexpensive to establish, and with the power of WordPress giving you the ability to install a blog on a single server, this has only become more affordable. If you’re seeking to gain experience and want to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, setting up a blog is an excellent choice. For those seeking to enter the industry, a good place to start would be Solar Blogger. With numerous projects in the pipeline and an active community, this is a great choice for those seeking experience. In addition, with numerous online courses available, you can educate yourself on key industry topics and gain extensive knowledge.

Join A Society

One of the oldest and most prestigious societies in the field of renewable energy is the International Solar Electric Society (ISES). Established in 1919, this organization promotes the exchange of ideas, technological progress, and networking opportunities in the field of solar energy. Since its founding, the society has been an advocate for and a leader in research and development, and continues to be so today. If you’re looking to get your foot in the door and seek a reputable and high-quality platform to do so, then this is the place to be. In addition to seeking to establish residency or a job in solar energy in China, you could look at ISES – China Solar Branch as a possible partner to expand your network and find employment opportunities. Not only does this branch offer prestigious membership opportunities and award winners of international contests, but it also provides unique teaching and research opportunities.

Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are one of the best ways to connect with potential employers in your industry. Not only do they provide you with the opportunity to meet face to face with key decision makers, but they also give you the chance to gain valuable industry contacts. One of the best sources of renewable energy and solar employment opportunities in China is the World Solar Trade Show (WSTS). Established in 2012, this annual event draws professionals from all over the world. Not only does it showcase the latest and greatest in renewable energy technology, but it also provides an opportunity for attendees to connect and establish contacts.

On the other side of the world, but just as important, is the European Solar Thermal Conference. This event, which takes place every two years, brings together professionals and decision makers from across Europe and beyond to share their knowledge and expertise in solar thermal technology. Those seeking to enter the industry would be wise to attend this event as it is one of the best platforms for meeting face to face with key decision makers within the industry.

Follow The Money

Even though this might not seem like an appropriate place for such advice, it’s important to look at the source of your future employment opportunities. After all, there’s no use in going somewhere if you’re not willing to pay the price. With so much competition in today’s world of work, securing employment opportunities can be difficult. To get your foot in the door, you might need to consider searching for jobs in wealthier countries. As discussed above, cost of living is one of the key considerations in selecting where to establish your business or research institute. To secure employment within the solar industry in China, you’ll need to look for jobs in areas where the cost of living is lower. This means that there’s less competition and more opportunities for jobs.

If you seek to enter the solar industry, it’s important to consider the location you’ll need to base your search on. When selecting your city, take into account the cost of living and how to land your first job in the industry. With limited information on the web regarding this topic, it might be a good idea to consult a local expert or an industry insider for advice. For those seeking to establish a new career or relocate, China might be a great choice as it is one of the best places to do business and find employment opportunities. As discussed above, the cost of living in China is relatively affordable. In addition, the country has a high number of job opportunities within the renewable energy sector. With various industries and job opportunities, you’ll certainly find something to suit your skills.

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