Solar Energy Gathered by Window Film

With most manufacturers taking an autumnal break, it’s an ideal opportunity to bring your attention to some of the smaller independent companies who still thrive in the face of the lockdown. You may have missed out on discovering these brands in the past, so now might be the right time to give their products a try. We’ll discuss a few of the best small businesses which produce high-quality films and sheet products for the renewable energy sector. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be wooed by a handful of products which are bound to catch your attention.

Pure Solar’s Super-Visible IMAX Film

First up is American company, Pure Solar, who specialise in window films that are designed to reduce energy loss due to heat gain or heat loss through the window. The main selling point of their super-visible iMAX product is that it’s designed to increase the efficiency of solar cell based lighting or heating installations by making them more powerful and cost-effective. As well as being highly visible, films from this company also block out harmful UV radiation so that bulbs and tubes don’t become overly susceptible to damage. The company has also developed a special dark-adapted tint which helps cut down on the strain on electric lighting and motor vehicles during the night. This product is available in sheet and spray forms and is designed to be applied both indoors and out.

Rodale’s Sheet Vinyl Fogger Pads

Another American-owned and operated business, Rodale, make a host of specialty chemicals and fertilizers which are essential to sustainably grow organic produce. While the company markets these products through a number of different channels, their sheet products are primarily aimed at commercial and industrial customers within the horticulture industry. However, their vinyl fogger pads are perfect for homes and offices due to their size and portability. These products are effective at reducing the weight of moisture in the air which makes them useful for places where it’s tough to keep the air fresh. In addition to preventing moisture from building up, these sheets allow light to pour in so that plants don’t grow into each other or suffer from foliage diseases. As well as keeping your garden looking its best, the sheets from this company also allow you to monitor the level of moisture in the soil without having to get up and check on it every few minutes.

Nuwber’s Pre-Cut Leaf Sheets For The Garden

Also from America comes Newbery, who produce a range of high quality garden products for people who want to grow their own food. With the right planning and preparation, you can grow food which is perfectly safe and nutritious even during these challenging times. One of their newest products is leaf sheets which are ideal for shielding tender plants from the wind so they don’t suffer from cold or scorching heats. To assist with this, the sheets come with a grid which allows air to flow through the fabric and provide your houseplant with some much-needed fresh air. This material is highly breathable which makes it ideal for homes with small children or pets who might otherwise suffer from the effects of poor ventilation. In addition to providing protection, the leaves allow light to penetrate and nourish the plant.

Giga-Gloss’s Sheet Protector For Kitchens

Another American company, Gigagloss, produce a variety of waterproof home products for kitchens and bathrooms. Although the majority of their work is done in these primary spaces, they have developed special materials for use in outdoor areas such as patios and driveways. One such product is their waterproof sheet protector. This product is perfect for protecting your outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and other garden items from damage caused by the weather or water. The material is highly breathable which helps keep your outdoor spaces fresh and clean despite the frequent washings and cleanings which kitchen and bathroom fixtures undergo. This product prevents and extends the life of your outdoor items while providing your home with a touch of nature by shielding it from harmful UV radiation and preventing water from causing damage.

Umarex’s Fogger Pads For Pets

Last but not least is Umarex. Like many other companies, they too are taking a break for the sake of the health of their employees and family members, but they are still up and running and able to provide a pet product which is essential for keeping your furry friends healthy and comfortable. Their product range includes everything from dog beds and dog houses, to pillows and cushions which are designed to make pets owners feel at home wherever they choose to sit. One of their newest additions to the range is their fogger pads. Made from natural fabrics which wick moisture away from your pet’s skin, these products help keep your dog or cat cool and comfortable, even under the severest of circumstances. While we wouldn’t usually put it this way, applying a fresh coat of paint to your outside doors and windows can make them warmer and more inviting places to be.

Many of the products which we’ve discussed here are perfect for capturing solar energy and using it to provide light or heat for outdoor living and recreation. As the weather turns cooler and we spend more time inside, the opportunity is there to bring the outdoors in. By using a few simple products, you can maintain a greener, more sustainable lifestyle even during these trying times. These products allow you to enjoy the simple pleasures of being outside while benefiting your health and the environment in the process.

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