12 Solar Energy Desktop Wallpapers for the Year of the Dragon

The year of the dragon is upon us! Soon, we’ll be celebrating the coming of the solar winter and the end of the long winter season with parties, fireworks, and cold winter beer. The Chinese New Year is the perfect excuse to refresh your desktop wallpaper with a fantastic wallpaper for the new year! We’ve curated a collection of cool, free wallpapers to help you decorate your laptop, phone, or tablet computer this coming year.

Aqua Rings

In the Chinese zodiac, the year of the dragon is known as the peaceful year. This is reflected in the cool, clear blue waters of our favorite sea creature, the humble tai fish. As the water recedes, the fish will come out to bask in the warm sunlight before heading back into the depths as the summer season comes to an end. The water in these rings catches the light and is the perfect accent for a transparent display.

Azure Autumn

The ocean gives us not only amazing creatures like the humble tai fish, but also dramatic scenery like this gorgeous sky at sunset. With the summer season drawing to a close, the weather turns cool and pleasant. Gentle breezes rustle the leaves as the sun sets deeper and deeper into the sapphire sky. This wallpaper perfectly captures that classic autumnal feeling as the colors turn from green to orange, brown, and finally, yellow and black.

Celestial Cracks

Sometimes the most stunning sunsets are hidden behind clouds. When that beautiful orange ball pops out from behind a storm cloud, you’ll know exactly what kind of beauty it is that draws you in! Here, you’ll learn that the most brilliant sunsets are created when the sky is illuminated by a diamond-shaped formation of lightning. In most cases, the center of the diamond is yellow, but the edges are often greenish or blue-green. Celestial Cracks are spectacular and worth seeking out!

Ferris Wheel

There’s something about the simplicity yet grandeur of a ferris wheel that makes us want to photograph it and hang it on our wall. It exudes power and excitement and is the perfect symbol of the summer season. After months of hot, humid days and hazy nights, it’s the perfect way to finish off the season with some nostalgia. Just look at how happy this photo makes us!

Festival Poster

One of the things that make Chinese New Year so special is that you get to see the best of the world’s arts and crafts. From opera and classical concerts to fireworks and parades, it’s an opportunity to showcase your creative side. We love to decorate our apartment with posters and streamers from the different festivals that take place during the year. This is the perfect chance to do the same! Festivals really are the best thing about Chinese New Year – there’s always something going on!


Finally, we couldn’t finish our roundup of Chinese New Year wallpapers without including the magnificent pyrotechnics that mark the end of the summer season and the beginning of the winter. The bright flares and streaks of light that stream across the night sky are like a heavenly kiss, coming at the end of a long hot summer and the beginning of a new season. These colorful bursts of light are spectacular and worth seeking out!

There, 12 unique and free wallpapers to brighten up your desktop this coming Chinese New Year! We hope we were able to help you find a wallpaper that speaks to you this New Year and that you were able to come up with some interesting ideas for your home. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to leave us a comment below! Happy New Year from all of us at Decoist!

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