10 Best Solar Energy Companies in South Carolina

In case you’re wondering, South Carolina is part of the U.S.A. You may know it as the “Deep South.” It’s a place marked by beautiful landscapes and sunshine – not to mention the people there are pretty friendly too! If you’re looking for a place that’s beautiful yet simple, you could live in South Carolina.

Now, with the changing nature of the solar industry, more and more people are realizing the benefits of solar power. Because of this, more and more people are looking to invest in solar products and services. If you’re interested in learning about the latest trends in the solar industry or want to invest in the future of renewable energy, you could do so in South Carolina.

Here are 10 of the best solar companies in South Carolina.

1. SolarEdge

What is SolarEdge? Well, it’s the global leader in solar-thermal hybrid technology, which combines the advantages of solar power and thermoelectrics. What does that mean for you? It means that they make solar-thermal hybrid products that are both highly efficient and cost-effective. Efficiency is expressed in terms of solar gain, which is the ability of solar panels to collect solar energy. Cost-effectiveness is measured in terms of the amount of electricity produced compared to the cost of purchasing traditional electricity under certain conditions – such as full-spectrum solar panels, which allow the electricity to be produced regardless of the time of day or night).

Not only do they produce cost-effective, high-quality solar power, but they also manufacture the panels and integrate them into products that anyone can use. Because of that, they have become incredibly popular and well-known across the globe.

2. Sunverge

Next, we have Sunverge. This South Carolina-based company designs and manufactures solar-thermal hybrid products. They’re committed to getting solar power to people who wouldn’t normally be able to afford it. To facilitate this, they create solar lease plans that are both affordable and good for the environment. When you lease a system from Sunverge, you become a partner in a renewable energy project. Not only will you gain financial stability, but you’ll also be contributing to the fight against climate change.

By connecting with nature and embracing its cycles, they aim to create a more sustainable environment. For example, they work with hydroelectric plants to generate renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint – not to mention that they use recycled materials in some of their products.

3. Powerhouse Solar

Next on the list is Powerhouse Solar, an international company with headquarters in North Charleston. They design and manufacture solar-thermal hybrid systems, with a focus on energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. What sets them apart from the rest is that they are the only company we know of that specializes in off-grid (grid-tied) systems, which are the perfect blend of energy independence and green energy.

Their hybrid systems utilize both photovoltaic (PV) and thermoelectric (TE) solar technologies to create electricity. This allows for a greater degree of versatility when compared to systems that are only reliant on one type of technology. What’s more is that people who use off-grid systems (such as mobile homes, cabins, and boats) can reduce their carbon footprint significantly. Not only that, but they can also purchase power directly from the sun – eliminating the need for expensive utility bills.

4. Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy is another company whose products harness the power of the sun. They create solar-thermal systems that are both highly efficient and cost-effective. Much like Sunverge and Powerhouse Solar, Enphase Energy is focused on both economic and environmental sustainability. What’s great about Enphase Energy is that they manufacture their products in the U.S.A. – guaranteeing quality and consistency.

Besides creating cost-effective, high-quality solar products, they also develop financing plans for their customers. Many financial institutions have gotten on board with green energy projects, so it’s easier for consumers to secure loans to fund their renewable energy purchases.

5. HeliSolar

HeliSolar is a company that creates solar-thermal systems and provides consulting and project management services. What makes their products unique is that they utilize high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to create high-efficiency PV solar panels. For example, they utilize a Czochralski process to grow high-quality silicon ingots that are then turned into solar panels.

Thanks to their cutting-edge technologies and high-quality products, HeliSolar is able to provide their customers with exceptional solar gain and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, their systems are built to last and withstand the harsh elements – creating a safe and reliable energy source for homeowners and business owners worldwide.

6. SolePower

SolePower designs, creates, and sells solar-thermal systems. Not only do they design cost-effective, functional solar systems, but they also manufacture them in the U.S.A. Using only premium materials and industry-leading innovation, SolePower is committed to providing their customers with high-quality, cost-effective energy.

What’s great about SolePower is that they are a company that can provide a complete package of services for their clients. For instance, they can design a solar system that suits their customer’s needs and budget, and then they can install and maintain it for free. SolePower also offers financing plans for their customers so that they can obtain the tools to become energy independent.

7. Envision Solar

We finish up this list with Envision Solar, an Oregon-based company that designs and manufactures solar-thermal products. Similar to the other companies on this list, Envision Solar is also focused on providing cost-effective, high-quality solar energy to as many people as possible. What sets them apart is that they provide complete project design and installation services, as well as finance plans.

Their products are made with advanced, thin film PV solar technology and high-quality thermal materials. What this means for you is that their systems are more efficient than most other companies’ due to the use of high-quality materials and the integration of both PV and TE technologies. As a result, their systems tend to last longer than most competitors’, too.

Envision Solar is committed to providing their customers with a reliable, cost-effective solar energy source, which is beneficial to both the environment and the economy.

Final Takeaway

As you can see, this list is dominated by three companies: Sunverge, Powerhouse Solar, and HeliSolar. This is likely because they embody the three major advantages of solar power: cost-effectiveness, security, and sustainability. Moreover, these companies have been around for some time. This means that there is already a lot of data out there about them. If you’re interested in purchasing a system from one of these companies, or want to invest in solar power generally, you could do so with confidence – knowing that you’re purchasing a quality product that will last you years and save you tons of money in the process.

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