What Are Solar Energy Jobs and What Do They Pay?

You may have heard about solar power and how much it’s been increasing in popularity. In 2018, jobs for people who love getting their hands dirty and being outside grew by 23% according to Indeed.com.

People can now gain experience and build a resume while contributing to a positive cause. With more and more people seeing the benefits of going green, it’s an excellent opportunity to apply for jobs you might not have thought about.

Here, we’ll discuss what are solar energy jobs, how much they pay, and which benefits you might enjoy.

What Are Solar Energy Jobs?

If you’ve ever heard of solar power, you might know that it’s a form of energy that’s renewable and eco-friendly. A job in the solar industry is responsible for maintaining and operating solar energy systems. These systems convert sunlight and water into electricity which is then distributed to locations where it’s needed.

Many solar jobs require a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering, or in solar technology. However, some employers will accept even those without a formal education in these subjects. Experience in the field is also highly valued, so even if you don’t have the degree, you can still apply for employment if you’ve worked in the industry previously.

The ability to work outdoors is also highly prized in the solar industry, so if you enjoy being in a beautiful place while doing a helpful job, this is certainly something to consider.

How Much Do Solar Energy Jobs Pay?

The National Solar Jobs Occupation Survey conducted by Indeed in 2018 found that the average annual pay for a solar job is roughly $46,000, with some professions paying much more and some paying much less. Overall, though, the numbers are very promising for those seeking employment in the booming solar industry.

According to the survey, the mid-career pay is around $70,000 with some professions seeing an increase and some seeing a decrease in pay. However, despite the overall trend, there are still many opportunities for those entering the field.

The Bright Side of Working in Solar

Aside from the money, what else could you get from a job in the solar industry? For those seeking additional benefits, the Indeed survey indicates that healthcare is a top pick, with 71% choosing that option. Next is paid vacation, which 69% value, and then there’s also the opportunity to gain experience (68%) and skills (67%) that can be valuable in the future.

In terms of the negatives, the survey indicates that the most common issue with employees is that their job doesn’t allow them to use their skills (33%). Another issue is that the work is physically demanding (29%), and a third is that it can be quite boring (26%).

Overall, though, these are all common issues for any job, and it’s good to know that there are plenty of benefits to be had from working in the solar industry. It’s also encouraging to see so many people opting for the option, with 69% saying they would recommend it as a good job choice.

Where Do I Find Solar Energy Jobs?

With so much information available online, candidates have more opportunities than ever to find the perfect job, regardless of where they are in the world. Job seekers can access a wealth of information via a simple Google search, and the same goes for those seeking employment in the solar industry. Candidates can use Google Search, social media, and other online directories to find jobs that match their skills and qualifications. Additionally, sites like Indeed.com have created special sections for those seeking employment in the industry, with job openings and career advice available for those curious about exploring this option.

In today’s world, information is power, and with the right information, anyone can succeed. With so much opportunity and growth in the solar industry, it’s an excellent time to explore a career in solar power.

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