Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Although the concept behind solar energy is rather simple – harnessing the power of the sun – the reality can be much more complicated. Not only is it far from being a one-sided battle between good and evil (as shown in the popular imagination), but it is also not easy to ascertain the precise pros and cons of this form of energy.

Even those who are staunch advocates of solar power can acknowledge that it has its pluses and minuses. We will examine each of these items in more detail, so that you can form a better opinion about this type of energy, both in the present and in the future.


Many would argue that the primary benefit of solar power is that it is a natural and limitless source of energy. The sun will always be there to provide our planet with light and warmth, so it makes sense to tap into this abundant power source and use it to our advantage.

In a world where coal, oil, and gas are all limited resources and vulnerable to supply disruptions, solar energy provides a more stable and eco-friendly way to produce power. There will always be sunshine, so we cannot go wrong.

Further to this, solar energy is also a clean source of power. While this may seem like an over-simplification to some, it must be acknowledged that generating electricity from solar power does not emit harmful toxins or greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The earth will always be covered in some shade or other. So, even if we cannot directly see the sun, we are still benefiting from its energy. It is a win-win situation.


While there is a wealth of pros to be found, there are also a host of cons associated with solar power. Probably the most prominent con is that the energy generated by the sun is not always accessible when we want it. This is mainly because the sun does not always shine directly overhead, so even if you have the perfect solar panel array set up to collect its energy, you will still need to spend some time – sometimes even a lot of time – waiting for the sun to rise and shine on you. In the meantime, you are relying on other sources of energy to keep your lights on and your homes powered.

This brings us to another major con of solar power: the fact that not everybody enjoys spending time outdoors in the raw. If you live in a place where the sun often hides behind thick clouds or other environmental factors make it difficult to directly benefit from its energy, then there is also the option of spending a lot of time indoors, where it is much more convenient to access and use. Indoor/outdoor living will benefit those who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors but still want the conveniences of technology, while those who live in a place where the weather is always pleasant will prefer to remain indoors regardless of the seasons.


A significant portion of the cons of solar power can be traced back to the fact that this is an inefficient means of generating electricity. The general rule of thumb is that you can generate about one watt per square foot of solar panel. For larger households with lots of rooms, this can quickly add up to a lot of energy waste. Those who generate a lot of solar power but do not want to be bothered with storing it for later use are better off using it as is and dealing with the consequences of their overconsumption.

Another major con of solar power is that although it is a clean and steady source of energy, it is still energy, and therefore still demanding and expensive to purchase and maintain. One of the best things about fossil fuels and nuclear power is that they are constantly available and never require maintenance. The general consensus amongst experts is that renewable energy sources such as solar power will never be able to replace fossil fuels and nuclear power entirely. However, they can and should be used in tandem with these traditional and more affordable energy sources to reduce global warming and improve energy security.

Future Of Solar Power

Perhaps the biggest con of solar power is the fact that it is a comparatively new source of energy and still in the process of developing. For those who enjoy the benefits of electricity and do not want to be left out, solar power is certainly an option, albeit an expensive one. The future of solar power is bright; it will continue to grow and develop alongside other traditional sources of energy, and it will become more accessible to those who want to use it. The more that we explore and understand this magical source of energy, the better we will be able to harness it and use it to our advantage.

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