10 Best Solar Panels for Progress Energy

A few years back, the phrase “solar panel” probably wasn’t in your consciousness. But ever since the days of the solar roof, people have been looking for ways to harness the power of the Sun. Now that the technology has evolved to a point where it’s relatively affordable, there are many different ways to produce energy on your own terms, which is great because it can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Here are 10 of the best solar panels to help get you started.

1. GREAT FOR RURAL REFINANCING – If you live in a rural area and don’t have access to traditional electricity grids, you can apply for a renewable energy grant through your local Rural Electric Association. These types of grants usually come with some type of incentive, such as a 20% discount or a zero percent interest rate for the first year. That can make solar energy a viable option for your home or ranch.

2. ENERGY ECONOMY – While we don’t always have the ability to choose what type of electricity provider we’re subjected to, we can choose the energy provider for our homes. The same goes for our cars. Since most standard cars are designed to run on fossil fuels, driving them creates a demand for more oil and gas. Therefore, you can opt out and become independent by generating your own energy through solar power. Plus, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by cutting out the need for fossil fuels.

3. VERSATILE USES – Thanks to advanced technology, most solar panels can produce energy in a variety of ways, making them a little more versatile than your average home appliance. Some can be automated to make things even more convenient, like this one from Ambit.

4. EFFICIENT – The industry standard measure for efficiency is the PVWatts rating. This rating takes into account many different factors, such as voltage, frequency, and light intensity to give you a general idea of how much power your solar panel is capable of producing.

5. MODERN LOOKS – If you’re stuck in the 20th century and need your solar panels to match the design and look of your traditional power grid, then take a closer look at modern solar panels. Fortunately, progress allows for more flexibility, which is great because we want alternatives to fossil fuels regardless of whether we’re talking about our electricity or home heating systems.

6. STUNNING COLORS – Going green is great, but we want our energy to match the beauty of the environment it comes from. If you’re purchasing a solar power system for your home or business, then be sure to opt for a color that represents health and vitality, like green or blue. Of course, keep an eye on the government guidelines and regulations regarding the colors you can and cannot use.

7. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PROVEN – You can find numerous studies that prove the environmental benefits of going green, especially when it comes to solar power. Instead of spending tons of money on electricity generated by fossil fuels, invest in a solar panel system and reap the benefits of cheaper energy and reduced carbon footprint. Sure, it may not be as reliable as your traditional electricity supplier, but it’s better than nothing.

8. LOW MAINTENANCE – Since solar energy is generated by the sun, it simply follows that it is the least likely to break down or malfunction. The good news is that it requires very little maintenance and is extremely reliable. To keep things running smoothly, you just need to make sure that the insulation around the panels is kept clean and dry, and that they are connected to a battery bank or energy storage system. You’ll also need to check for voltages and make sure that the inverter is connected to the correct circuit.

9. EXTENDED WARRANTY – Even though most solar products are designed to last years of heavy use, you’ll still need to be a bit more careful and consider insurance coverage when purchasing such a product. Since solar energy is a quite unreliable source of power and can be damaged by severe weather conditions or lightning strikes, you may want to consider purchasing an extended warranty to protect yourself from any potential disasters. However, make sure that you’re not purchasing a standard 1 year warranty, which most companies offer, as this won’t cover damage from high winds or hailstones. If you’re not sure whether or not an extended warranty is right for you, then ask the producer of the product for help.

10. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – With any new technology comes plenty of frequently asked questions, and the solar energy industry is no different in this regard. If you’re still not sure about what type of solar panel to purchase, then be sure to check out these frequently asked questions to get answers to all your queries.

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