Pam Bondi: The Solar Entrepreneur

Today’s guest post is by John Olson, founder and CEO of Great Lakes Solar, a company that offers solar-powered solutions for outdoor enthusiasts. They have created a product line that is as unique as it is functional. The company has designed a range of products that harnesses the power of the sun, from large solar-powered yard heaters for camping and tailgating to tiny panels that can be integrated into clothing. This post will discuss how solar technology is evolving to benefit outdoor enthusiasts and how you can benefit from the change.

Why Install Solar Panels On Stoves?

Outdoor cooking is a way of life that many people enjoy and value greatly. Camping trips, road trips, fishing adventures, and just about any other activity that takes you away from your home are made easier with a simple stove. There are many conveniences that come with camp stoves, from the ability to make your own fire to boil water for baths and coffee. There is also the sheer pleasure of cooking your catch of the day or a succulent steak over an open fire with friends and family.

Many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the freedom that comes with traveling, exploring, and taking part in adventurous activities. They appreciate the ability to bring a stove that can operate off-grid with them wherever they go. This is one area where the evolution of solar technology has enabled the creation of products that can be tailored to outdoor enthusiasts’ needs. This article will discuss six ways in which solar technology can benefit the outdoor enthusiast.

1. Off-grid Living

Traditional camping stoves require outlets to operate, which bring electrical systems and the threat of electrocution. This can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, and it also requires you to carry power strips to charge up after each use. Off-grid living has become incredibly popular in recent years, and solar technology has enabled the creation of products that can operate completely off-grid. The most popular brands of solar-powered camp stoves accept solar energy (either purchased as part of a box or through a panel) and stored energy (in a battery or similar device) so you don’t need to worry about power strips or the risk of electrocution when you camp.

2. Camping And Tailgating

Camping is a terrific way to enjoy the great outdoors and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The freedom to set up your stove where you want, whether it’s in the dirt, on a log, or hanging from a branch, is incredibly liberating. The convenience of a lightweight portable stove that you can bring along on your travels is a key reason why camping has become so popular in recent years. These types of stoves are lightweight, so you can easily carry them around and use them wherever you go. They also run quietly, which makes them a plus for those who want to camp in relative peace.

Camping also provides great opportunities for socializing with friends and family, setting up tents or other types of outdoor structures for parties and gatherings, and just enjoying the freedom that comes with being outside. Many people also find that camping provides them with a break from their regular day-to-day life, enabling them to reset and recharge.

3. Fireplaces, Gazebos, And Yurts

There is also the option of using a woodstove to provide heat for your camp. These can be quite the luxurious way of providing heat, and many people find that they get an amazing sense of relaxation and pleasure from just sitting and staring at the flames for awhile. Wood stoves are also a great source of ambiance, adding a real charm and character to your camp. If you have one, make sure you have a flammable liquid on hand in case of an accident.

4. Barbeques And Grills

Those who enjoy barbeques and grills will also find that having a portable barbecue is very convenient. You can easily bring your grill with you on your travels and use it wherever you go. This may be something as simple as a charcoal grill that you light and let burn while you cook your meat, or it could be a large stainless steel apparatus with all the necessary equipment inside. The choice is yours.

5. Heating Water

Anyone who enjoys camping and being outdoors would also appreciate the ability to heat their bathing water. The usual way of doing this is through the use of a solar-powered shower. These devices are incredibly convenient, as you can take your shower wherever you go and enjoy the heat without having to worry about running out of hot water. If you are concerned about being away from home too long and not having access to clean water, there is also the option of purchasing a solar-powered water heater. These types of water heaters collect the sun’s energy during the day and heat up water as it flows through, so you can stay hydrated even if you are away from home for a week or more.

6. Seasonal Changes

Finally, cold months pose significant problems for those who enjoy being outdoors. Cold air is less dense and thus much lighter than warm air, so it tends to rise. This makes it harder for your body to regulate its temperature, which can cause serious problems. Your body’s temperature can rise anywhere from a few degrees to as much as 10 degrees, which could cause you to suffer from severe frostbite or hypothermia in severe cases. These are very common problems among those who spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter months.

Those who enjoy being outdoors during the winter months would benefit from knowing that there are ways to reduce their risk of getting severely ill. One option is to stay indoors during the day when the sun is at its peak. This will help you to retain your body’s normal temperature, enabling you to go outdoors and avoid the worst effects of winter. In very cold climates, it is also advisable to wear more layers, remove excess clothing when you go indoors, and carry a water bottle to stay hydrated. If you do get severely ill, there are also ways to treat the condition, so you can get back on your feet quickly. Knowing what these are can make a big difference and ensure you have better experiences during those cold months.

Whether you enjoy camping or just taking your vacation in the country, these technological advancements make every day more convenient and enjoyable. Be sure to keep your eyes open for ways that these products can benefit you, and enjoy the freedom that comes with the great outdoors.

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