Onergy Solar Energy India: What Are They Up To?

Now that the dust has settled down from the recent Neutrino solar conference in Mumbai, India, it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate what happened, and more importantly, what’s next.

Onergy is one of the leading developers of smart solar PV technology in India. Founded in 2012, the company specialises in creating innovative and groundbreaking products that combine energy generation with the IoT (Internet of Things). This speciality makes them stand out above the competition, and it’s something the company is quick to point out.

Onergy entered the Indian market hoping to raise the bar for what a smart solar PV product could look like. They set out to design a device that incorporated all the best of modern technology with the simplicity and user friendliness of a traditional solar panel.

Now, more than ever, the Indian market needs and wants innovative and high-quality products, and Onergy have delivered. Let’s take a look at some of the key developments that have happened on the company’s journey so far.

Innovation And High Quality

Onergy have always been quick to point out how much they value innovation and high-quality design. The company’s co-founder, and CTO, Sumit Chopra, told PV Tech that these were two major pillars of the brand, and he sees no reason to compromise on either.

“We innovate. We design for quality and performance. Those are the basic tenets of our company,” he said. “We want to build a better solar product, and in order to do that, we have to take out all the kinks in the design process.”

To prove this point, you only have to look at their products. The company’s innovative approach to design has seen them come up with unique custom solutions for some of the world’s top OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Not only that, but they’ve worked with the likes of BMW, Tesla, and Ford to bring their smart solar innovations to life.

Onergy’s success in the automotive sector has led them to focus on other markets, but the design ethos stays the same. Their innovative design and high quality standards mean that they’re always one step ahead of the competition, coming up with new and better solutions to problems that their customers have, whether it’s a design flaw or a performance shortfall.

User Friendly

Another pillar of Onergy’s design ethos is simply making their products easy to use and understandable for non-technical people.

They want everyone, from first-time users to experienced installers, to be able to operate their smart solar devices with little to no training. This is probably one of the aspects of their design that makes them stand out above the rest of the industry, which is primarily driven by tech-savvy millennials who are more used to handling complex, technological products.

Part of this simplicity comes from the fact that Onergy devices are completely autonomous. This means that they don’t require any special set-up or maintenance, and it also cuts down on errors and oversights during installation. All of this makes it easier for non-technically inclined individuals to install and use solar energy devices.

Along with their ultra-simple installation, Onergy’s devices are also configured in a way that makes them more user-friendly. This is because they can be set up and operated remotely. This makes things like integrating the device into an existing structure, or adding additional structures, easier for non-technical individuals who are less familiar with the process. Ultimately, making remote installation and use of solar power devices convenient and easy for everyone.

Increased Market Share

Onergy’s target market is currently SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in India and other emerging markets. This is because they want to provide businesses with a sustainable and reliable option for generating power, particularly in regions where the electricity grid is unreliable or non-existent. This focus on SMEs has definitely paid-off, and the company’s products are now available for purchase from major retailers in India.

This increased availability and market penetration, in addition to the brand’s reputation for innovation and high quality, has helped it capture a significant market share in a relatively short amount of time. Today, Onergy have thousands of customers and are shipping products all over India, and globally too.

Raising The Bar

Onergy have set out to completely re-design the solar product market in India, and they’ve really done a great job of it. Not only have they changed the game in terms of what a smart solar device can look like, but they’ve also raised the bar for what a traditional solar device can do.

The proof is in their Neutrino solar conference. At this year’s conference, Onergy unveiled their flagship product, the Sustainius Neo. The Sustainius Neo is a whole new breed of solar device that combines high efficiency, and affordability, with complete digital transparency. You won’t find another smart solar product that comes close in terms of functionality (read more about it here).

This is the culmination of years of R&D, and it shows just how much the market has changed in a short space of time. Not only have they changed the game, but they’ve raised the bar, and set new standards for what a solar product can and should be capable of.

Onergy are one of the few companies that truly deserve a spot on your radar, and we can’t say that about too many other brands out there. The company is at the forefront of the smart solar revolution, and they’re leading the way for the industry to evolve.

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