How to Start a Municipal Solar Energy Cooperative

Many towns in the U.S. are interested in reducing their electricity bills and become more eco-friendly. One way of doing this is by generating their own energy. In the last few years, many towns have started up municipal solar power co-ops, with the help of renewable energy credits purchased from companies like SolarCity and Sunrun. These co-ops help raise funds to invest in new solar energy installations and provide residents with reliable and affordable electricity. This blog post is an overview of the benefits of a solar energy co-op for residents and an introduction to how you can start your own in your town.

The Benefits For Residents

One of the significant benefits of a municipal solar energy co-op is that it provides residents with clean and green energy. The electricity bills for a typical household are often higher than what they would spend if they used conventional electricity suppliers. In the summertime, when the sun is beaming down and temperatures are soaring, having power back on when you need it is also very convenient as not having to worry about the air conditioner running all day long is certainly an added bonus.

However, in a city where the cost of living is quite high, solar energy is still a luxury that most cannot afford. Therefore, those who can will certainly feel that this is a great investment as it will reduce their bills and give them a chance to save money for other items. In times of financial hardship, not having to pay for energy is also a relief to residents as it avoids putting additional financial stress on them. If your community is thinking about going green, consider hosting a community meeting to gauge interest and to start the process of incorporating a municipal solar energy co-op.

The Benefits For Local Businesses

As a business that operates within the local area, you will undoubtedly feel the benefits of a solar energy co-op right away. Not only will it provide you with cheaper and more reliable energy, it will also allow you to engage with potential customers who have an interest in your product or service.

For example, if you sell gift baskets and want to promote your business during the holiday season, you could hand out flyers with the basket pictured on them. Those who want to buy your baskets might very well see the flyer and contact you to make a purchase. You would then have satisfied a customer and developed a relationship with someone who might become a valuable asset to your company in the future.

The Benefits For The Environment

Going green is a trend that is here to stay. Many companies and brands have committed to using only renewable energy sources, and this is certainly the right thing to do. A solar power co-op can generate renewable energy that will help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and create a cleaner environment. In addition to this, supporting local businesses is also an important part of going green.

If you’re concerned about climate change and want to do your part to reduce the harmful effects that fossil fuels are having on our planet, investing in a municipal solar energy co-op is an important consideration.

How To Start A Municipal Solar Energy Cooperative

If you’re interested in starting your own municipal solar energy co-op, you will need to do a bit of research first. To begin with, you will need to identify the laws and regulations that pertain to running a business in your community. For example, you might want to ensure that you are sticking to the correct electrical and licensing requirements.

Once you have established these requirements, you can move on to identifying the funding sources that your community might offer. These could include grants and subsidies through applicable agencies or private donations through established foundations. For instance, many states offer green energy grants to businesses and homeowners who want to install energy efficiency measures.

Where Should I Put My New Solar Panel?

Once you have established the fund, you can start thinking about the best location for your new solar energy installation. This will depend on your particular circumstances and what you want to achieve. If you want to generate as much electricity as possible, you should put the panel on the south side of your house. Solar radiation is at its peak there in the summertime and therefore gathering solar power is maximized. In the wintertime, the cold winds that sweep across the area are ideal for chilling small appliances such as air conditioners. These appliances consume a lot of electricity and keeping them running all day long in the summer is certainly not advisable.

If you have a large and/or unshaded area on the roof, you could install multiple panels to generate more electricity. These are known as group installations and can provide households with additional savings. In addition to this, you could also consider installing a small wind turbine to generate more energy. These are also inexpensive ways of generating renewable energy and can be used to combat climate change.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient way of generating electricity, you should certainly consider going green and supporting a municipal solar energy co-op. Not only will this provide you with cheaper and more reliable electricity, it will also allow you to help reduce climate change and become more eco-friendly. If your community is interested in going green, consider hosting a community meeting to gauge interest and to start the process of incorporating a municipal solar energy co-op.

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