Journal of Solar Energy: The Journal of Solar Energy

Journal of Solar Energy is a new interdisciplinary journal published by World Scientific. The journal will be of interest to all researchers in the field, with an emphasis on presenting the latest research findings and review articles.

World Scientific will also be publishing a special issue of Journal of Solar Energy devoted to the theme of “solar energy and the environment”, to be released in early 2021.

The creation of this new journal reflects the recognition by the scientific community that the interface between Solar Energy and the Environment requires a special focus.

Why is Journal of Solar Energy Important?

The need for alternative energies to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels is becoming more pressing. One of the solutions is Solar Energy, which is abundant and can be utilized wherever there is sunshine. Despite its many advantages, the application of Solar Energy is not without its challenges. These range from the environmental aspects (e.g., the impact of concentrated solar power on climate change) to issues relating to the efficient use and development of Solar Technology (e.g., the effective storage of energy).

As a result, there is a need for a journal to provide a forum for researchers in this field to share their findings and experience, and for practitioners to access high-quality research that is both relevant and timely.

What Makes Journal of Solar Energy Special?

Journal of Solar Energy will be a platform for researchers from around the world to publish their work. The journal will be of interest to researchers in any field related to Solar Energy, including solar cell and module research, solar thermal power, solar architecture and engineering, and system integration and design.

As well as being a platform for publishing new research, Journal of Solar Energy will also be a repository for reviews and editorials on all aspects of Solar Energy. It is also the intention of the editors to publish a special issue of the journal devoted to the theme of “solar energy and the environment”, to be released in early 2021, as noted above.

How Is Journal of Solar Energy Different From Other Journals?

There are already several established journals in the field of Solar Energy, and Journal of Solar Energy is committed to providing an alternative that is both authoritative and interdisciplinary. As well as being the Official Journal of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), Journal of Solar Energy will also be open to submissions from other organizations and individuals, provided that they fit the scope of the journal.

With its focus on both practical and theoretical aspects of Solar Energy, and its stated aim of being both authoritative and interdisciplinary, Journal of Solar Energy seems destined to become a leading publication in its field.

The Editors And Advisory Board Of Journal Of Solar Energy

The Editorial Board of Journal of Solar Energy is both experienced and distinguished. All of the editors and advisors are either published authors or hold an endowed chair in an academic institution. Some of the important people involved in the foundation of Journal of Solar Energy include Professor Martin Green, Dr. Tony Freeland, Dr. Peter Leventis, Dr. Mark MacLeman, Professor Daniel McCool, Professor Kevin Morris, and Professor Jeremy Morris.

Other members of the editorial board and advisory board include Dr. Anthony Benade, Dr. Michael Belkin, Dr. Michael S. Gurley, Dr. Thomas W. Gorst, Dr. Donald S. Mears, Mr. Richard W. Moon*, and Mr. Frank Osgood. These scientists and experts have made invaluable contributions to our understanding of solar energy and helped to shape its future.

The advisory board of the journal is also distinguished and includes people such as Dr. David Blondin, Mr. Joel Makower, Dr. Jayant Menon, and Dr. Stephen Bittner. In addition to these individuals being well-known experts in their respective fields, they have all made significant contributions to the understanding and development of Solar Technologies, and continue to do so even now, many years later.

How Can I Be Sure That Journal of Solar Energy Is Worth Reading?

To begin with, the journal is indexed in Scopus, and as well as being indexed in Scopus, the editors and reviewers for the journal are all well-regarded experts in their fields. In addition, the journal has a high impact factor (2.833), which gives an indication of the quality of the published work and the importance of the journal within its field. Finally, the prestigious International Solar Energy Society has chosen to publish the journal, which further indicates its importance.

These are all encouraging signs that you are indeed on the right track if you are considering submitting your work to Journal of Solar Energy.

Where Can I Find More Information About Journal of Solar Energy?

You can find out more about the journal and its scope by accessing the website, where you will find an ‘about’ page, a table of contents for the issues that have been published, and a recent issue. In addition, you can contact the journal directly via email at The editors and editorial board are available for the purpose of answering any questions that you may have regarding the journal and its scope. Finally, you can subscribe to the journal via email at, or via to receive confirmation of your subscription.

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