Is Solar Panels a Renewable Energy Source?

The sun is an essential part of our daily lives. Many of us depend on it for our energy needs. In sunny climates like Southern California, people have made this dependence a way of life. They have installed massive solar power installations on their roofs that supply all of their energy needs. This is where we’ll take a quick look at whether or not solar panels are a renewable energy source.

The Dependence On Fossil Fuels

Not too long ago, the majority of people believed that nuclear power was a clean source of energy. That was when energy came solely from nuclear sources. Since that time, we’ve learned to be a little more wary of this energy source. We now know that it has toxic byproducts that remain in the area where it’s created. Furthermore, there’s the threat of this energy being used for military purposes. This is why many have chosen to go green in the search for alternatives.

Fortunately, others have also learned from the potential dangers of nuclear power. This is why the majority of people in sunny climates now depend on more sustainable energy sources like solar. Solar power isn’t perfect. It is dependent on the weather and can be difficult to take advantage of when the sun isn’t out. There are also limits to how much electricity it can generate during certain times of the year when the sun is at its weakest. This is why many prefer other forms of energy over it, but they still depend on it.

The Growth Of The Industry

The production of solar energy has increased exponentially in the last 10 years. This is mainly due to government incentives that were put in place to promote the growth of green energy.

One popular way of generating solar energy is through photovoltaic panels. These are the panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity. They can be used to power everything from small appliances to massive data centers.

Another way to generate solar power is through solar thermal energy. With this method, sunlight is focused into a narrow beam and then directed at a collector where it is turned into heat. This heat can then be used to do work like drive a turbine or keep a refrigerator cold.

Government subsidies and tax breaks have helped drive the growth of this industry. However, as the price of oil has fallen and the demand for cleaner energy sources has risen, this industry has started to see a decline as well.

The Future Of Solar

With the slowdown in technology advancements and the industry seeing an increase in cost, it’s not hard to see solar as a luxury good. This isn’t to suggest that it won’t be around for the long haul. It’s simply an observation about how far and how fast technology evolves.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a massive increase in the production of solar energy. This is due to government incentives that promoted the growth of green technology. Unfortunately, these incentives are now coming to an end. Many assume that since oil prices are at an all-time low, that this is a sign that the industry is in trouble. This isn’t necessarily true. It’s simply a reflection of how far and how fast this industry has grown.

The outlook for solar is still very positive. We’re already seeing advancements in technology that will make solar more affordable. This is especially true for homes and businesses in sunny climates. In these areas, people have installed larger and more efficient solar panels. This allows them to generate more electricity at an affordable price.


The growing dependence on oil is a major factor in the instability that we’re seeing in the international community. Nations like Saudi Arabia and Russia that supply most of the oil that we use have enough cash to buy enough time to transition to alternative fuels. That’s why, for now, they’re still able to influence global politics as much as they can.

For those of us living in areas that get a lot of sunlight, solar power is a great option for generating electricity. It’s important that we look at how much electricity we actually need and not rely on what the grid can give us. This is why many choose to generate their own power through solar. Furthermore, since it’s not tied to the global oil market, it has the potential to be much more stable in the future.

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