Famous Quotes on Solar Energy

For those eager to dive into the world of renewable energy, the abundance of information can feel overwhelming. Between government grants, tax incentives, and green energy buzzwords, it can be hard to know where to start. As the world’s leading authority on renewable energy, let us introduce you to a few of the most influential people in history who championed the use of solar power.

Albert Einstein

Often considered the father of solar energy, Albert Einstein popularized the technology with his theoretical investigations into radiant energy and its consequences. In 1931, he published a series of three articles on solar power in the German scientific journal, Annalen der Physik.

In these essays, Einstein described practical ways in which solar energy can be harnessed and how it can be integrated into our everyday lives. To this day, Albert Einstein’s writing on solar energy is counted among the greatest pieces of scientific journalism ever published.

Henry Ford

In addition to being the founder of modern-day industry, Henry Ford is often credited with popularizing the use of solar power. Indeed, the iconic car manufacturer built its entire automotive empire on the back of one simple and revolutionary idea: consumers could have a new car delivered to their home in less than a day.

In 1914, Ford built a small residence near his home in Dearborn, Michigan, to demonstrate his then-radical idea. Dubbed the “Sun Ship,” this 120-room, 42-bed residence was entirely powered by the energy collected by solar panels located on the roof. During the next two years, Ford spent more than $150,000 on engineers, builders, and designers to make his dream a reality. The Sun Ship was also equipped with a steam engine to generate electricity.

After the United States entered World War II, Ford put the Sun Ship on indefinite hold. But the company’s success in the auto business gave them the capital to revisit their grand plan. In 1945, Ford launched their famous “Sunoco” brand, which would come to represent an entire generation of energy-efficient, low-emission vehicles. Thanks to innovative design and lightweight materials, these cars were significantly more efficient than their predecessors, earning the company a reputation as the “arsenal of democracy.”

Nikola Tesla

Another automotive pioneer whose ideas influenced the modern-day solar industry is Nikola Tesla. In fact, the inventor of the modern battery developed and tested wireless lighting systems and power plants that used solar energy. In 1895, Tesla introduced the concept of the photovoltaic cell, which was later refined and patented in his name.

It was also during this time that Tesla began his association with the nascent solar industry, writing extensively about the potential of solar energy and its many applications. In 1914, Tesla established the Tesla Company to promote his many inventions, primarily focusing on improving the quality of life through clean energy.

In 1924, Tesla built the world’s first solar-powered residence, which was later renovated and expanded. This experimental dwelling, nicknamed the “Towers” by the inventor, integrated the latest technological innovations, including automatic elevators, fluorescent lighting, and air-conditioning into its design. It was the first time that these systems had been combined and integrated into such a small space. Unfortunately, the great inventor and entrepreneur passed away before he could live in his dream house.

Steve Jobs

Last, but not least, let us not forget about Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple and contemporary innovator who changed the face of technology forever. In 1976, Jobs opened the first Apple Store in London, where he introduced the world to the Apple logo, the Apple II, and the concept of “one-stop-shopping” retail. Soon after, in 1977, Jobs introduced the first Macintosh computer and began integrating the ideas of easy digital access and communication into everyday life.

Jobs played a major role in the development and spread of solar energy, creating and funding innovative companies like SunPower, whose heliostats track the position of the sun to maximize energy production and prevent overheating. In 2006, SunPower received the prestigious American Institute of Stress Award for outstanding achievement in the areas of social responsibility, corporate citizenship, and environmental stewardship.

Jobs also played a key role in the development of energy-efficient technology, founding and funding companies like Energy MacGyvered and Green Power Enterprises, which manufactured advanced fluorescent lamps and efficient photovoltaic cells, respectively.

In Conclusion

These historic figures and their unique stories will inspire and challenge you to become an advocate for change. They may even encourage you to explore the world of renewable energy and find your place within it. Hopefully, this article will help get your started and give you the confidence to join the fight against climate change.

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