Dominion Solar Renewable Energy Credits – How Much Are They and How Do They Work?

By now, you’ve probably heard of—and perhaps even purchased—products marketed with the iconic “Real World Kosher Seal” emblem. These products meet certain standards of quality under rabbinic supervision. One of these standards is that the products are made without any synthetic substances or ingredients. In this article, you’ll discover what this means for you, the consumer, and how it impacts the quality of your daily life.

What Are Renewable Energy Credits?

Renewable energy credits (RECs) are a form of green energy that helps to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. They represent the amount of energy consumed daily by a product or service, and could be either sourced or generated from renewable sources (such as solar or wind power).

While traditionally associated with the energy industry, the renewable energy credit market now functions as a credit rating system for products and services in a number of industries, from transportation to electronics. If you’re looking for a sustainable energy choice to power your daily life, you might consider RECs.

How Much Recycle Domonion?

When you purchase a product or service that’s endorsed by the Real World Kosher Seal, you’re given the option to “Redeem” your RECs for that product or service. Each month, food distributors, electronics brands, and others give you the option to swap your RECs for a voucher, credit, or check that you can use towards the purchase of a product or service.

When you recycle Domonion, you’re supporting sustainable energy development in a number of countries where renewable energy sources are rapidly expanding. To learn more, visit the Reconnect with Nature website.

Do They Provide Enough Energy?

While traditional sources of energy, such as fossil fuels, make up a significant portion of our global energy consumption, these sources are now considered unsustainable. The world’s leading experts predict that we’ll be relying more and more on alternative forms of energy—including but not limited to, solar, wind, and waterpower—in the coming years.

For consumers, this dependency presents a major challenge. How much energy do you need to power your home or business? Are the products you purchase from big brands reliable? How about the service? Before purchasing a product that promotes itself with the “Real World Kosher Seal,” consider whether or not it’s sustainable. You’ll find a list of some of the most reliable and eco-friendly products here.

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