What Are Dabate’s in the US About Solar Energy?

I recently discovered an interesting fact about Dabate, a solar company based in the United States: many of their products are not sold in stores, but rather through an online marketplace – similar to what Amazon does for products such as E-commerce and AWS.

I had no idea that Dabate was positioned this way, as the company does not do much marketing, and their website is not very informative. However, as an engineer who specializes in solar hardware and software, I decided to dive in to see what makes this company unique, and why they have gained such a large following in the industry despite having started as a fairly small business.


The first thing I noticed when looking at Dabate’s website was the emphasis on differentiation over marketing or using words like ‘solar’ and ‘green’ – as you may have guessed, this is a company that values quality over quantity.

When a business puts quality over quantity, it often means that they are willing to spend more money to make sure that their product is good – something that most companies cannot afford to do, especially when you compare their purchase price to the sale price of a standard product. For example, their single-axis trackers are very expensive, but they are known for being the best in class.

Another way in which Dabate differentiates itself is with its focus on research and development (R&D). The company is definitely committed to creating innovative products that solve common industry problems – their website states that they have over 70 patents or patent applications, and that they have been granted over 37 patents for their innovative solar products. This focus on research probably helps them remain ahead of competition.

Market Size And Growth

I was curious about how big Dabate’s market size is, so I did some digging. According to their website, they serve over 300,000 residential and commercial customers across North America, which makes them one of the larger solar companies in the region. In terms of growth, Dabate claims on their website that they grew by 83% in the last year alone.

Furthermore, Dabate has also launched several new products that they claim are ‘game-changing’ – all of which seem to be well-deserved based on my brief research. One of these new products is a single-axis tracker that they claim is better than what most people have in their backyard.

To be fair, most people do not have a single-axis tracker in their backyard because most homeowners prefer buying items that are mass-marketed and sold at retail stores. However, it would be interesting to have a look at how often this product is installed by home contractors and DIY enthusiasts who have access to a workshop or back yard.

Customer Care

Dabate’s main selling point is that they guarantee their products for three years – the industry standard for most manufacturers. What is interesting is that they go above and beyond, guaranteeing their product even if the customer is not fully compliant with the terms and conditions (T&C) of their contract. So, in the event that a customer breaks the terms of their contract after the guarantee period, Dabate will come to the rescue and provide free technical support until the product is fixed or replaced.

However, not all of their products are created equal, and you will need to read their T&C in order to see what you’re committing to if you purchase one of their products. But again, going above and beyond with customer care is not something that typical solar companies do. Many simply offer a full refund if the product should malfunction during the guarantee period – at least, that is what their website suggests.

So, as you may have guessed from the above, Dabate really is something special – if you’re interested in researching solar energy and how to make the most out of it, their website is a good place to start.

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