The Benefits of Solar Energy

The sun is the source of all life on earth, and we all know how much we rely on it. However, did you know that the sun offers more than energy? It also provides us with an endless supply of clean air and water, due to photochemistry. That is, the energy of the sun is coupled with the production of oxygen and water from the atmosphere, as a result of photosynthesis. Essentially, the sun provides us with everything we need to live.

So it’s not only about generating power, it’s about our survival as a species! Here are some more reasons why you should be considering investing in solar energy:

A Renewable Energy Source

One of the primary reasons why you should invest in solar energy is because it is a renewable energy source. This means that, as opposed to fossil fuels (like oil and coal), we will never run out of sunshine. As a result, we will never run out of energy supply. We also need to remember that, as an environmentalist, investing in green energy is undoubtedly a good choice. After all, we want to leave the planet in a better state than when we found it. So it goes without saying that we want to avoid using fossil fuels whenever possible. And what better way to avoid fossil fuels than by generating our own electricity using renewable energy? It just makes sense.

Energy Diversification

Another reason why you should invest in solar energy is energy diversification. This simply means putting multiple sources of energy generation (including solar) into play, as a safety net, in case one source of energy is not available. In this sense, diversifying our energy supply means that we minimize our reliance on a single energy source. And what could be more reliable than the source of all life?

You may be wondering why you should invest in multiple energies, rather than just one. For one thing, having more than one backup energy source increases the likelihood of generating sufficient energy, in case of a power outage. And for another, energy diversification allows us to hedge against fluctuations in price, as well as minimize our carbon footprint. Plus, it ensures better control over the supply of energy – which, in turn, helps to minimize the effects of occasional energy shortages, as well as keep costs down.

Lower Costs

One of the major advantages of investing in solar energy is that it is much cheaper, than purchasing kilowatts of electrical energy, on an individual basis. This is mainly because the installation of solar panels is relatively straight forward, and as a result, it is cheaper to have them installed professionally, rather than doing it yourself. However, the upfront costs of purchasing equipment, like solar panels and inverters, can be quite high. This is why it is important to have an accurate projection of how much money you will save, by generating your own electricity, versus how much you will spend, on electrical energy. The majority of individuals, who have installed solar equipment, have reported significant savings – which largely offset the costs of installation. Not to mention the ongoing savings, on electrical energy bills!

Good For The Environment

Another major advantage of solar energy, as compared to other forms of electricity generation, is that it is good for the environment. This is mainly because, when we use fossil fuels, to generate electricity, we emit pollutants, like carbon dioxide. However, because the sun is the source of all life, as we mentioned before, it leads to the production of oxygen and water, through photochemistry. This, in turn, helps to clean the atmosphere and restore balance, to the planet. So, in a way, solar energy is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it helps to clean the atmosphere; on the other hand, it harms the atmosphere, by creating pollution, when pollutants are created.

In terms of pure numbers, it is estimated that, between 2005 and 2018, the amount of energy produced by solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, globally, was 684 terawatt hours (TWh). This is 3.7% of the world’s total energy demand in 2018. And the future looks even more promising for solar energy. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2030, solar energy will account for 11% of the world’s total energy demand. And let’s not forget that, in some places, solar energy provides 100% of the electricity needs!

So, as you can see, solar energy is a fast-growing industry, which provides many benefits – both now and in the future. If you want to be able to generate your own electricity, as an environmental and cost-effective measure, consider investing in solar energy. And who knows – maybe one day, you will thank yourself for making such a smart choice!

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