What Research Needs to be Done to Develop Solar Energy?

The development of solar energy is growing exponentially. The price of solar panels has decreased significantly in recent years, making it an attractive option for many people. China has set a target to install 100 million solar-powered devices by 2015.

However, much has to be done before solar energy becomes a mainstream energy source. In this article, we will discuss the current status of solar energy research and how this can be improved upon to make solar power more affordable and accessible.

Solar Technology Has Improved Significantly

The cost of solar panels has declined significantly in the last few years, making it more affordable for households and businesses. The price of a solar panel system used to be thousands of dollars. However, thanks to advancements in technology, the cost of solar panels has decreased to an affordable level. For example, the cost of the inverter used in solar panel systems has decreased from $500 in 2010 to $150 in 2015.

The price of solar panels is expected to continue decreasing in the next few years as more manufacturers get involved in the market. This is great news for those who are interested in adopting solar energy as an alternative energy source. Many large businesses and households have switched to solar energy because of the declining prices.

More Research Needed On Battery Technology

Even though solar technology has improved significantly in the last few years, this does not mean that all the research has been done. The key component in any type of alternative energy system is the battery, and there is still a lot to be learned about the topic. While it is true that the battery technology has improved significantly, it still has its limitations. For example, while some types of batteries allow for very quick charge cycles, they are generally expensive and have a limited lifespan.

Furthermore, there is an unpredictable factor that accompanies solar energy. This is mainly caused by the fact that the sunlight intensity varies throughout the day. To make matters worse, it is often the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak, which means that during this time the sun’s light is at its strongest. This makes it harder for solar panels to generate power, which in turn lowers the amount of electricity that can be stored in the battery.

The Future Of Solar Energy Lies In New Materials

The future of solar energy is seen in new materials that can be used to make solar panels and batteries. For example, solar panels made of plastic are now available, which means that they are more lightweight and thus mobile. They are also more affordable and more environmentally friendly. As for the battery technology, new material developments can help make this more efficient and less expensive as well. While it is true that the materials used in solar technology can be recycled, this adds an additional burden to this already expensive and complex process.

To make solar energy more affordable and accessible, much research needs to be done on new materials and advancements in battery technology. Fortunately, this is a field that is gaining a lot of interest and numerous scientists are working hard to make this possible. It is only a matter of time before solar energy becomes a mainstream energy source and a permanent part of the world’s energy grid.

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