2015 Global Solar Energy Installation

Global Solar Energy Installation is a leading company in the solar industry, providing high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective systems for residential and commercial applications. As the name implies, they primarily design and sell solar energy systems for use around the world. Based in Burbank, California, they were established in 1980 and now offer their products in over 40 countries with over 150 distributors worldwide. Their headquarters is a 20,000-square-foot building that was designed by architect Richard Serra.

One of the many advantages of the company is that they have strong partnerships with industry-leading companies such as SolarWorld and Sunpower, and also with major banks and credit card companies. This allows them to offer extremely competitive pricing as well as financing options for their customers.

Solar World Deal

In 2013, Global Solar Energy Installation announced a long-term partnership with SolarWorld, a leading manufacturer of solar-power systems and panels based in Germany. Under the terms of the agreement, SolarWorld will manufacture and sell solar energy systems to Global Solar Energy Installation for resale in Germany and worldwide markets. In addition, SolarWorld will offer technical support and advice on system design, operation, and maintenance. This is a significant milestone for the company, as it expands its global reach while also broadening its product offering with the addition of solar power systems.

Financing For Solar Energy Installations

One of the other significant advantages of working with Global Solar Energy Installation is that they offer extremely competitive financing options for their customers. As a lender, they have access to over 100 lenders, both traditional and alternative, which allows them to find loans for any situation. Additionally, they offer green and corporate cards that provide special financing for businesses that are environment-friendly and for companies that work with small and medium-sized businesses.

Residential And Commercial

What sets Global Solar Energy Installation apart from other companies is that they primarily design and build solar energy systems for residential and commercial applications. In general, these systems consist of a solar panel, the building’s electrical wiring, and the connection of the wiring to the power grid. Depending on the model, the solar panel can produce up to six to seven kW of electricity, which is sufficient to power about five to six people.

While many people might assume that only large businesses need good energy sales practices, the truth is that energy consumption is down across the board. From large data centers to small businesses, everyone is trying to implement energy-saving measures. With the cost of energy continuing to rise, those who can afford it are looking for ways to become energy self-sufficient. If your business energy bill is a significant portion of your overall operations, then you might consider investing in a solar energy system. There are a number of benefits to owning a solar panel, including the ability to sell excess electricity to the grid, as well as protecting your business from energy price fluctuations.

So, if you’re looking for an ultra-competitive price, as well as exceptional customer service and high quality products, then Global Solar Energy Installation is the company for you.

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