Base Camp Earth:
We help you teach science.
We help your students learn about
dynamic "headline science."

Science teachers know that students are intrigued by emerging ("headline") science issues, and learn best by inquiry. But it's hard for science teachers to find deep resources for emerging science topics, and to find time to support open-ended inquiry-based science research in their classrooms.

Base Camp Earth can help. Encourage your students to visit our site and explore our virtual expeditions of emerging science issues. Each expedition will acquaint your students with both a contemporary science topic and inquiry-based learning - performed by fellow students, which makes it accessible, inviting and fun.

Base Camp Earth is designed to be engaging for the science enthusiasts in your classroom - but even more inviting to bright students who might find traditional science stuffy or boring.

Base Camp Earth:
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We're actively seeking ways to get students, classrooms and teachers engaged with Base Camp Earth.

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