Choose Your Favorite Farm Animal Uh-oh. The Mysterious Curse! Wow! Nice Hotel! Build Your Villages The Island's Story Learn How to Play 'Curse' Look at the Big Map! The Year In Numbers Party Time! We Share the Wealth! Our Populations Should Grow, But... Bringing Our Animals to Market Find Out What Our Clans Did Read the Nightly News Report Read All About Our First Year! The Year's Activities, in Numbers Gonna Party Like It's 2002! A Pig A Day Keeps the Plague Away Bringing Animals To Market! What Did Our Clans Do This Year? Start with the China Sea Report! Read All About Year Two! The Year's Results, in Numbers Sharing the Wealth Bring Out Yer Dead Bringing Our Animals To Market What Our Clans Did in Year Three Uh-Oh! Here Comes The Curse! Uh-Oh! Here Comes The Curse! Totals At Game End Potlatch Party! The Flu Re-Emerges! Bringing Animals to Market What Our Clans Did This Year Energy Crisis in the News Whew! I Think the Flu is Gone How Does the Sim Compare with Real Life? Commentary by the Game Master Did our Strategies Work? What Was the Curse Trying to Do? What We Learned From 'Curse' What We Learned From 'Curse' Learn how to play 'Curse'
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