The hotel management has surprised everyone
and made you the manager of their new star hotel.

Here's what you need to do to make them not regret it.

Maximize the long-term profit of the hotel,
and protect the company name,
the best way you know how.

What do you do?
You need to predict the tourist demand for rooms.
You need to get good prices for workers and animals
from the Sout Spratly Island villages.
You need to protect your guests from "The Curse."

Each year, you'll decide how many tourists you'll prepare for this year,
then make contracts with village leaders for workers and food animals.
You'll decide whether or not to offer game animals on the hotel
restaurant's menu this year.
You keep track of your progress on your worksheet.

You need to pick a name for your hotel.
You start with $4800 in cash.

The worksheet keeps track of what you need to run the hotel at the level you think you'll need, and the contracts you make with villagers (and possibly Morris Chang) in order to get what you need.

As you go down the worksheet rows, there are three main activities: Predicting Tourist Demand, Negotiating Your Contracts, and Figuring Profit/Loss.

Carry over the cash total from the bottom of last year's worksheet
and write it at the top of Section 3 on this year's worksheet.
If this is the first year, you have $4800 in cash at the beginning of the year.

Now listen to the China Sea Report. What might happen this year, do you think?
What kind of business do you think the hotel will do this year?

Based on the China Sea Report and on Reservations (ask the moderator to
tell you how many reservations have been made for this year),
predict your occupancy level. (Company accountants say that,
once the hotel is established, 60% is a conservative figure.)
The percentage you pick is your occupancy target: from it,
use the chart on your worksheet to determine how many workers, pigs,
ducks, chickens etc. you'll need to procure for the hotel this year.

When the Village Leaders begin to decide what
their clans will do this year, you need to make sure
they send enough clans (from any and all villages) to work
at the hotel and support your occupancy target.

Do you want to offer game animals on your restaurant menu?
(This is an important profit center for the hotel.)
If so, you need to encourage clans to go hunting - you'll want to make sure
you have plenty of wild ducks and boar to buy for your restaurant.

The Hotel has guests coming, and you'll need food animals for its restaurant.
When the Village Leaders begin to offer to sell their animals to you, you'll need
to make sure you fill your quota of each type of animal.
(Again, look at your Occupancy Target to see your animal quotas.)

If you're short on animals, or if the villagers' prices are too high, you can negotiate to buy anything you need from Morris Chang, the captain of the tramp steamer the "Hesperus Trader." Morris is always available to buy or sell things - but don't expect to get any deals. (Morris is played by your moderator.)

Once you have finished negotiating your contracts, you can finish
for the year by figuring your profit (or loss).

First, find out from the moderator what the ACTUAL demand was for your hotel rooms this year. If it's greater than your target, it means you turned away some guests. If it's less than your target, it means you had rooms ready that were never used!

You'll use the ACTUAL DEMAND number to calculate your profit.
Use the column on your worksheet:

Start with your cash from last year;
add your domestic profit (actual demand x 225);
if you offered game, add wild profit (actual demand x 15);
subtract your overhead (it's always 4000);
subtract what you paid for working clans;
subtract what you paid for pigs;
subtract what you paid for ducks;
subtract what you paid for chickens;
subtract what you paid for wild ducks;
subtract what you paid for boar.

The number you end up with is your end-of-year cash.
Did you make a profit? Congratulations!

It's possible the Curse will strike your Hotel, and may even strike you.
If this happens, your moderator will help you figure out the outcome.
If a significant number of guests are struck by the Curse,
you can bet Company HQ may be giving you an unpleasant call!