Without a doubt, everyone played this game extremely well.

As the Curse, Billie had a very hard job, keeping track of each village's hunting, trading, and employment by the hotel... and tracking each flu strain chances for outbreak and transmission.

Sandy was excellent as the harried hotel manager, cadging good deals from the villagers and tearing her hair out during negotiations with Morris The Pirate. She role-played the profit-minded executive to perfection.

The four village leaders took the responsibility for the welfare of their villagers... It was fascinating to see each player interpret what was best for the people in their care. They got very passionate about them!

Of the village leaders, Cody was the most daring and visionary. From the start he declined to have animals in his village - even though animals are key to creating wealth - because he saw that animals are also key to spreading disease. All along he put the health of his villagers first - he had the largest village population at game end.

Kaitlyn, leader of the Yodi village, was the most aggressive in creating wealth for her villagers, and the most able at leveraging her village's assets. At game end, her villagers had significantly more wealth than others. They also suffered the highest losses from the Curse.

Jodi was the unlucky one. She took fewer risks than Kaitlyn, but The Curse always seemed to find her village and to wreak its worst against the Sable animal and human populations. In the end, however, her villagers had a good deal of wealth, and slightly fewer deaths from the Curse than Yodi.

Meriah was the most conservative of the leaders. She didn't hesitate to walk away from profits if it meant risk to her villagers. In the end, the strategy paid off - her village, Non Nomen, had the fewest deaths from The Curse, yet had gathered a respectable amount of wealth.