Okay, births and deaths. First, grow your populations... then, the Curse.

Okay, first of all, tourists bring the human flu to the island... it sweeps through the hotel...

Oh no.

There are only a few deaths. But hotel workers bring the flu to the Yodi and Sable villages.

At the same time, hunters bring back a different strain of influenza from the boars - a swine flu. And some Yodi hunters bring back a _third_ strain of avian flu from wild ducks, and Yodi traders carry it over to the Sable village.

So now we have three strains of flu circulating around in the Sable and Yodi villages - birds have it, pigs have it, and the humans do too.

With all this flu goin' around, the chances are high that strains will combine to produce a new, deadlier flu. And sure enough, this happened with the swine flu.

The new strain of swine flu kills 16% of your pigs.

And the swine flu recombines with the human flu to produce a new, deadlier human flu. The South Spratly Flu kills 10% of your villagers.

Wow. Ten percent.