The Trip to
Costco and Co-op
Christine Finkbeiner

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At Costco we talked to Jim, the assistant manager. He told us how Costco was operated. He never kept eye contact with anyone except for the adults. He also admitted to being a wasteful person. Which I think was because he had no idea on what we were doing.

After our interview with Jim we walked around the store. I wrote down some data which we could compare with the Co-op. Our next stop was the Co-op. Here the prices were higher then at Costco, but they were a much better quality. The two people we talked to were Peter and Mandy. They gave a lot of information.

The co-op in my opinion is a much better place. They have a more friendly environment and truly care and respect their customers. Here they really care about the environment as well. This makes them waste very little. The field trip brought a lot of information my way that on a regular basis would have never even crossed my mind.

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