Meriah and Christine: Talks and Field Trips

Lisa J. Graumlich Tuesday Jan 23, 2001
Lisa Graumlich
"Thinking Globally, Acting Locally"
The Human Footprint in Atmospheric CO2
Gill Geesey Tuesday Jan 23, 2001
Gill Geesey
"What's That In My Water?"
The Human Footprint on Water Resources
Cast Away ticket stub Tuesday Jan 23, 2001
Cast Away
Otherwise known as
"Footprint Island: The Movie"
Jeremy Littell Wednesday Jan 24, 2001
Jeremy Littell
"How Big Is Your Footprint?"
Calculating Ecological Footprints
Jim, Manager of Costco Wednesday Jan 24, 2001
Costco vs. the Co-op
We Follow The
Footprints of Consumption
Jeff Mathers Wednesday Jan 24, 2001
Footprint Island
We See Our Ecological Footprints
On Our Own Simulated Island
Rick, Christine and Aira at Water Treatment Plant Thursday Jan 25, 2001
Water Treatment Plant
We Find Out What It Takes
To Supply Water to Bozeman, Montana
Kurt Alt Thursday Jan 25, 2001
Kurt Alt
"Wildlife and the Human Footprint"
Human Impacts on Animal Populations
Clayton Marlow

Thursday Jan 25, 2001
Clayton Marlow
Range Animals and their
Ecosystem Impacts

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