We met with Jeremy Littell, who helped us
understand what ecological footprints are.

Jeremy said, The key concept is that all the things you use and consume take up land to produce. And the earth only has so much land.
Christine said, Like food. There is land that does nothing but grow your food. Acres of land.
Ivy said, And water- you need land set askide to collect and store the water that you drink.Read Ivy's biography

Add up the land it takes to grow your food,
collect your water, produce the materials
for the building you live in, the clothing you wear
and all the other things you use or consume...
add it all up, and that's your ecological footprint.

You measure your ecological footprint in land.
It's expressed in acres or better yet in hectares.
One hectare is 100 x 100 square meters.
An acre is about 4047 square meters, so
a hectare measures about two-and-a-half acres.

Why would you want to know how big your footprint is?