Christine said, The fact is that I have the same size footprint as the average American. I honestly thought I was a more self-sufficient person.

Here's how.

Try using a search engine
to find links to these resources:

Measure your own ecological footprint
using the Calculator at the Redefining Progress website,
You can calculate it online, or download a working spreadsheet.
Spreadsheets also available from the University of Texas.


Use the climate change calculator
The Climate Change Calculator is an interactive software tool designed to raise people's awareness of the greenhouse gases they produce through their daily activities and lifestyle choices.

You can get a lot more information about sustainability and climate change at the University of British Columbia's Sustainable Development Research Institute's website.


Be a greenhouse gas miser!
Volunteers at Environment Canada's Atmospheric Environment Services have assembled info to help AES employees become "Greenhouse Gas Misers" and learn attitudes and actions that lower greenhouse gas emissions. The site has a great
Personal CO2 Inventory Worksheet
where you can calculate how much CO2 you contribute to the Earth's atmosphere every year, and how that compares with Canada's average.


Read about Climate Change Solutions

You'll find resources, tools and success stories about reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the Pembina Institute's clearinghouse site.