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How much land do you take up on this earth?
It's more than just the land taken up by your home.
It also includes the land used to produce
all the things you personally consume.

How much land is that? From the book
"Our Ecological Footprint," by Mathis Wackernagel
and William Rees, we got an estimate for the
average American's footprint:

>> about 1.5 hectares to grow your food
>>over 1 hectare each for your housing,
transportation and consumer goods
>>about 0.5 hectare for government,
education and other services

<<TOTAL: over 5 hectares per person>>

How do we compare to the average American?
Jeremy Littell helped us calculate our
consumption, based on our power bills,
water bills, and other data we collected at home.

Aria said, All about the food you eat
Jeff said, Your fuelish ways
Ivy said, The impact of education
Meriah said, What do things really cost?
Christine said, Caluculate your footprint online.

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