Jeremy said, So now let's look at your education. Does it add a little or a lot to your footprint?Jeremy Littell

Jeff Mathers Not very much.

Education is pretty free, footprint-wise. Your school probably doesn't take up much land. Pretty free too, in terms of energy. You have to light the building, heat it...
anything else?
Jeremy Littell

Ivy Merriot Textbooks...?

Aria Stewart It doesn't take much of a tree
to make a textbook.

Textbooks are an impact, but you're right, Aria, probably not a big one.
What else is there?
Jeremy Littell

Christine Finkbeiner Buses.

Jeremy said, Right. You've got 2,000 kids in a big high school like Bozeman High. How do all you kids get to school?Jeremy Littell