Christine Finkbeiner, a sophomore at Belgrade High School, loves math and science, very enthusiastic!

I really enjoyed the hands-on work. I learn the best when I work hands on. I also enjoyed the speakers, especially Clayton Marlow. Talking with them made me see that this is a real problem that we need to solve. Overall I think that the camp was very educational and fun. The food, dorms, and everything were GREAT!

The most interesting things I learned were:

if all bacteria stop their activity we (and everything else)
would die out after only 3 days, and

that I have the same size of footprint as the average American.
I honestly thought that I was a more self-sufficient person.
I just will work harder though.

In the future, I will work hard on reducing my footprint. I will act in a less energy-consumptive manner. I will spread the word on what I, along with you guys, learned.

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