Aria Stewart, a junior at Bozeman High School, loves movies! not afraid to ask questions

My favorite part of Base Camp Earth was the teamwork. It was great to meet new people and work together with them all day, and share my ideas and thoughts with theirs. It was great to compare and contrast our similar/differing views on many different subjects. I also loved the atmosphere here - it was very friendly and relaxed, but professional at the same time. I felt like my comments and questions were always welcome, which was very refreshing.

The worst part of Base Camp Earth was the wrath of Zeus!! No, just kidding. :)

The Ecological Footprint concept is very interesting to me. It was a new and different idea that had never been introduced to me before. Plus, the idea of the Ecological Footprint was something that I could apply to my own life, which made it more interesting and engaging. Also, I think the Footprint Island Game was a great way to show us how the Ecological Footprint works. Not only was it fun and entertaining, but it really showed me how my footprint affects the world around me.

The Ecological Footprint concept will definitely apply to my life in the future. It has already made me think about my consumption and waste production - every time I buy or eat something, I first think about the ecological impact that the item has on the world; I've started to recycle and re-use more materials in an effort to decrease my footprint size. However, I think the greatest thing I can do to make a difference is to TELL OTHER PEOPLE! Sharing what I've learned with my friends and family has definitely caused them to think about this concept as well. And the more people who know about Ecological Footprints, the better chance it will have of impacting the world.

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