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 Read Meriah's
Biography! Your ecological footprint is how much
land it tkes to support you in the style in which you live. Aria StewartRead Aria's Biography!
Christine FinkbeinerRead Christine's Biography!  Read
Christine's Biography!All About Ecological Footprints
The biggest part of your footprint is
probably the land dedicated to growing the food you eat.  Calculating your Ecological
 Calculating your
And if you use energy from fossil
fuels, you produce carbon dioxide. To absorb it, you need land with lots of
plants on it. Jeff MathersRead Jeff's Biography!
Meriah CoryRead
Meriah's Biography!  Footprints and
Greenhouse Gases
we met with scientists and experts.Go on Field Trips!
 Go on Field Trips!
 And we played 'Footprint Island.'Learn how to play the Footprint
Island  Simulation

Four high school students spent four days
studying ecological footprints.
They invite you
to share their discoveries.

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The Footprint Island Simulation