Q: So - are you ready?

Justin: We are ready.

Jamie: Yesterday I was pretty much freaking out, knowing that it was the only day we had to find all the information. We just learned how to run the stuff, and yesterday we're getting it all done.

Q: What'd ya get outta the field trip?

Jamie: How they collect samples.

Justin: All the tools they've got.

Tom: How they keep everything sterilized.

Jamie: How they keep the cells alive. How they add the base to reduce the acidity. The sample is at pH 1 or 2 or whatever, and they bring it up to 5 or 6.

Justin: How they have an aerobic sample and an anaerobic sample.

Eric: They were taking digital pictures, writing everything down in the journal.

Q: Was the field trip worthwhile?

Tom: Gave us an idea of what the collection process was. We were able to see things that most people don't, because most people never know to go hiking out there.

Jamie: When we go to Yellowstone with our families, they never want to go off the boardwalk, off the trails like we did.

Q: Discoveries?

Eric: I found on the Internet that there are five basic requirements for life, what life has to be. It has to respirate, do something for energy. There are six different elements for respiration.

Q: How do you like those PDAs?

Jamie: We like 'em. It's handier than using a piece of paper, because it holds so much more.